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Suzy’s Review –
Suzy C.


I can honestly say that this company along with Joe, Donnie, & Sara all are amazing. Each one knows what they need to do and if you have any worries or doubts they will be there to rest your nerves and guide you through. When you think about moving it can be so overwhelming and stressful that last thing anyone wants to deal with is worries about your movers breaking or even worse stealing your prized possessions! I felt so comfortable with MAP after speaking with both Joe & Sara that all my worries and nerves went out the window and when everything was picked up and moved out of our house Donnie and the guys were fantastic! I will be sure to let all my friends, family and coworkers know who I used.
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Reggie’s Review –

These guys are a good at what they do. They have a great core of personnel who really take care of their customers. They ask a lot of questions to make sure they can give you the best possible service they really do care about your needs and it really shows in their work ethic they leave no stone unturned. I’m very grateful for their expertise and wisdom they saved me a ton of money. I would use them again and I’ll be sure to recommend them to people I know. More »

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Jay’s Testimonial –
Jul 27, 2016
5 Star Moving RatingInterstate move from California to New JerseyI would like to start by saying this entire process was draining but MAPMYMOVE really took their time and helped me thru it… I was overwhelmed with quotes, emails, phone calls, movers from all ends calling to provide me with services. I would of never and I mean never thought in a million years after I put my name and number online I would of gotten the response I did, but you live and learn… Anyway I was called and pitched by every one and anyone but in the end there was only 1 guy I wanted to move my stuff. Joe Pine was the only mover I spoke with who was straight forward and upfront from the start no games, or magic numbers he gave me a straight up quote and that was it. He knows his stuff there wasn’t anything I couldn’t ask him he knew it all. I felt confident in his ability and I was 100% right. Everything was picked up and moved without any issue. I will be sure to recommend and throw his name out there to anyone who needs a reliable and honest mover. Thanks Joe, your a life saver!

Service cost: 3200.00 USD
Order ID: M11014


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Just One Word – Amazing!

This whole move was crazy I wanted to just sell everything and just start over fresh but my husband thought I was crazy, and he was kind of right in a sense because I was the one dealing with all these moving calls and estimates and it was OVERWHELMING to say the least. Then to my rescue came Map My Move, they took care of everything for me. I didn’t have to worry about getting nay more quotes or going through any more inventories they handled it all even had my car shipped! I can’t thank Donny for all his help, he really was AMAZING!
Forever Indebted – Stephanie P.

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Fantastic Job

I can’t thank everyone at enough for all their help during this stressful time of my life. I was so overwhelmed and felt like I wanted to just give up on moving all together but after speak with Donny & Joe they assured me I would be in good hands and not have to worry about anything with the move. They sent a great team to pack, load and deliver my things, everything was just as they described.

Thanks again!

Janet S.